Photo 201 Online | Creative Techniques & Exposure

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Take your photography to the next level with this intermediate course from the comfort of your home.  Live video lectures will build on the knowledge gained in Photo 101 and discuss tricky lighting situations to provide you with the tools to tackle all the various challenges you might face. We also push your creativity by introducing you to new and exciting creative techniques, like Bokeh.

“The most comprehensive course I’ve taken in photography…I understand my camera more than I have for the past 5 years!”


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How it Works

Each of the 5 online video lecture take place on an interactive video meeting platform – Zoom. Upon registration you’ll receive a password and meeting ID to join your weekly lecture. There, you’ll meet your instructor and classmates, and begin learning our 5-star rated Photo 201 class. Each lesson is interactive and questions are encouraged.

  • Understanding our light meters (18% grey, different metering modes and when to use them)
  • How to handle tricky lighting scenes like low light conditions and back lit subjects
  • Intermediate creative techniques to take your shooting to the next level (panning, zooming, bokeh, etc.)
  • Flash basics (on-camera & external)
  • Personalized instructor feedback on homework assingments
  • PHOTO 101 or equivalent is required for this class.  Students should be comfortable shooting in manual mode.
  • DSLR, film SLR, or point & shoot camera that can shoot in manual mode. For more details: CAMERA HELP
  • Computer/laptop
  • Webcam (optional, but recommended)
  • Microphone
  • How is Online Photo 201 different from in-class Photo 201?
    • Online Photo 201 covers all the same topics as the in-class Photo 201, but in the comfort of your home!
      We’ve shortened the lectures and added an extra session. We’ve make sure to incorporate lots of interactive practice to make sure the material really sinks in!
  • Do I need to activate my webcam?
    • We know it’s enticing to do the lecture in PJs while eating popcorn, but one of the best features of our classes is their interactive component. Although a webcam isn’t required, it is recommended for more tailored learning.
  • Do I need to print my notes for the lecture?
    • Not necessarily. The notes will be great to reference later on if you need a refresher on the material. Sometimes students find it useful to write brief notes to help the remember key concepts.
  • What if I have a question during lecture?
    • For some of the lecture the instructor will have students muted to avoid background noise distractions. The instructor will open up the class to questions and discussions at which point you may use the “raise hand” button to prompt the instructor to unmute you. Your instructor will run you through useful features of Zoom at the start of the first class.
  • What if Zoom doesn’t work?
    • has a convenient “Help” button in the bottom right corner of the main page. Start there.
    • If it’s an issue with the meeting ID or password contact us by phone or email.
  • What if my internet connection isn’t working?
    • It’s important to check your connectivity before the start of the lecture to avoid missing it. Our standard cancellation policies will apply if you miss your lecture and reschedule. Although we can’t fix your connectivity issues, call us to discuss a solution.

See further FAQ’s or Contact us with any further questions!


100% Live

Live & interactive lectures with built in Q&A time. Ask your instructor questions during lecture and get the answer right away!

Scheduled Classes

Scheduled weekly classes to keep you motivated and learning. This won’t be another online class you start but don’t finish!


Learn From Home

The same great material as our 5-star rated Photo 201, but from the comfort of your home.

Quality Instructors

Our instructors are both professional photographers and excellent teachers! They know how to simplify technical concepts and teach through exploration and creativity.