TORONTO |  Kids Summer Camps | Ages 8 – 12

Kids Camp 1, Toronto, Summer camp

New to our camps? This is the place to start! Kids Camp 1 introduces campers to their cameras through hands-on demonstrations and inspiring field trips! We’ll explore creative techniques that are engaging and meaningful for kids!

Kids Camp 2 , toronto, summer camp

The sky is the limit in Kids Camp 2! Campers are encouraged to get creative with their images and have fun while breaking the rules of composition!

Kids Photography Summer Camps

Calling all nature and animal lovers! Learn new techniques while we explore exotic flowers to cute animals! Nature is all around us!

Kids Photography Summer Camps beginners photo editing

Get creative with Lightroom CC! Campers will learn the essential photo enhancement techniques necessary to transform ordinary photographs into something extraordinary! iPads are provided.

Kids Photography Summer Camps Explore Stop Motion

Bring your imagination to life in Explore Stop Motion! Through interactive demonstrations, campers will work together to create short photography animations with a variety of subjects, including lego people and each other! iPads are provided.

Kids Video Summer Camps

Great for beginners! Explore Video Production introduces campers to the fundamentals of storytelling and video making! Through hands-on learning, campers will work together to create fun video montages! iPads are provided.



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