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Landscape Photography

DURATION: 8 Hours of Instruction
FORMAT: 2-Day Weekday or Weekend Workshop
DAY 1 – In Class
DAY 2 – Polson Pier Field Trip
PREREQUISITES: Photo 101 or equivalent

Capture Breathtaking Views

It’s easy to enjoy a beautiful landscape but a big challenge to capture it in a single image. In this advanced workshop, learn how to master exposure and composition to make the most out of available light in any location. Gain extra tips like how to properly prep a landscape shoot as well as what equipment is best to keep you light weight and mobile. Day 1 is in class and will cover all the essentials at our main space. On day 2 the group will meet at an exciting outdoor location to put your new skills to the test!


All of our classes incorporate a hands-on approach to learning. To really make it ‘click’, we get our students shooting outdoors and putting the principles they learned into practice.

5 Star Reviews

Note only do we consistently get 5 star reviews, we’re also listed as one of Toronto’s Top 10 Photography Schools by BlogTO.

Quality Instructors

Our instructors are professional photographers AND excellent teachers! They know how to simplify technical concepts and teach through exploration, and creativity.

Small Class Sizes

We have small class sizes to ensure the attention every student needs. Many of our classes have 1:10 instructor to student ratio; that’s only 10 students per instructor!

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Hands On Photography Learning On Our Shooting Field Trips
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5 Star Reviews Photography School Toronto

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