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Landscape Photography

DURATION: 8 Hours of Instruction
FORMAT: 2-Day Weekday or Weekend Workshop
DAY 1 – In Class
DAY 2 – Polson Pier Field Trip
PREREQUISITES: Photo 101 or equivalent

Capture Breathtaking Views

It’s easy to enjoy a beautiful landscape but a big challenge to capture it in a single image. In this advanced workshop, learn how to master exposure and composition to make the most out of available light in any location. Gain extra tips like how to properly prep a landscape shoot as well as what equipment is best to keep you light weight and mobile. Day 1 is in class and will cover all the essentials at our main space. On day 2 the group will meet at an exciting outdoor location to put your new skills to the test!


All of our classes incorporate a hands-on approach to learning. To really make it ‘click’, we get our students shooting outdoors and putting the principles they learned into practice.

5 Star Reviews

Note only do we consistently get 5 star reviews, we’re also listed as one of Toronto’s Top 10 Photography Schools by BlogTO.

Quality Instructors

Our instructors are professional photographers AND excellent teachers! They know how to simplify technical concepts and teach through exploration, and creativity.

Small Class Sizes

We have small class sizes to ensure the attention every student needs. Many of our classes have 1:10 instructor to student ratio; that’s only 10 students per instructor!

Photography School Location
Hands On Photography Learning On Our Shooting Field Trips
Photography Instructors Toronto
5 Star Reviews Photography School Toronto

Course Summary
  • Learn how to research, plan, and prep your gear for a landscape shoot
  • Discover useful compositional tips to make the most of unpredictable conditions
  • Master dynamic range and exposure to accurately capture lighting conditions and retain detail
  • Cover post-processing techniques (like HDR editing) and optimal workflow to enhance your shots

When it comes to shooting landscapes, success can often be determined by the amount of planning you do beforehand. Learn the important points to research in order to be fully prepared with your camera and equipment.


Landscape scenes can be a bigger challenge to shoot because you have far less control over the subject. You can’t move mountains, change the weather or direct the wildlife but you can make the most of any scene with our helpful compositional tips.

Technical Considerations

Trying to capture a bright sky above a dark foreground is a very difficult thing to capture. Understanding dynamic range and the camera controls needed to capture it successfully are all big steps toward shooting great, detailed landscapes.


In this workshop we’ll cover the best post processing tools to get the most out of your shots. Learn fundamental techniques like HDR editing as well as smaller, secret tips to ensure a great editing workflow in the latest software.

Here are some recent works from our students!

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How early do I need to register?

Registration is open right up until the day the session begins. Please note however, that some of our classes sell out well in advance. In order to guarantee enrolment, we recommend registering as soon as you know your schedule.

What are your class and cancellation policies?


  • Prepayment is required to confirm your registration and spot in the class / camp / workshop.
  • All sessions begin promptly at the stated time. Any missed material is forgone by the student.
  • Register early: If you wait until the last minute, the class might be filled or cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.

Cancellation by Student:

  • CLASS/WORKSHOP: Cancellations are non-refundable whether the student cancels or fails to show up for class; however, if we are notified within 7 days prior to the scheduled session, we will reschedule you to another session but a $50 administration fee will apply*.
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: Cancellations are non-refundable whether the student cancels or fails to show up for the lesson; however, if we are notified 48 hours prior to the scheduled session, we will reschedule your session, but a  $50 administration fee will apply.

Class Cancellation:

  • GTA Photography Classes reserves the right to cancel or postpone any class if there is inadequate enrolment. In the event that a class must be cancelled, you will be notified by email in advance (please be sure to register using the email address where you can best be reached). You may then either reschedule for another session or receive reimbursement of class fees.

*Exclusions: Travel Photography purchased as a Photo 101 add on is non-refundable and non-transferable prior to or post your scheduled session.

Do you offer certificates?

We offer a certificate of completion to students upon request. Please contact us through email or by phone to speak with an instructor to receive your certificate if you require one. Certificates will be delivered through email. There will be a $25 admin fee if you would like a physical certificate mailed to you.

What equipment should I bring to class?

• DSLR Camera or point & shoot camera that can shoot in manual mode
• Memory Card
• Fully Charged Battery Pack
• Class notes (you’ll be able to download these in your confirmation email)

What type of payment do you accept?

Most of our registration is done ONLINE using MC and VISA. We do however, except CASH / CHEQUES in person at the studio. (Note: We do not accept Debit) Please phone ahead to make an appointment to register if paying by cash, as we may be in session or out on assignment.

Cheques can also be mailed to our studio. Please make them payable to GTA Photography Classes.

Mailing Address:

25 Toronto St.
Suite #200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5C 2R1

Do I need prior training or experience?

For the introductory courses (Photo 101) and photo tours, no prior training is required. More advanced courses such as Photo 201 and our workshops, do require prior experience as they build on basic techniques taught in Photo 101. If you have some prior knowledge or experience and not sure if you need some of the prerequisites, give us a call and talk to an instructor today!

Do I get more instruction in the in-class Weekend Boot Camp or the 4 week program?

All of our programs include the exact same lecture / workshop material.  You will not get any more or less in any of the sessions. We design our courses and workshops so that we equip all our students with the knowledge they need! You just select the class type that works best for your schedule.  Leave everything else with us!

Where are you located? Is there parking?

For all of our classes in Toronto, they are located at 25 Toronto Street, Suite #200. Parking is available on Toronto St and at several other paid-parking lots around the area.

For all information about our location, contact and map with parking options, please visit our Contact Page for more details.

Alexandra Gailer - Blue Peyto
Alexandra Gailer - Blue Peyto
Alexandra Gailer
Denise MacDonald - Morning Mist
Denise MacDonald - Morning Mist
Denise MacDonald
Samuel Kirsh - Alpine Lake
Samuel Kirsh - Alpine Lake
Samuel Kirsh
Michelle Fernandes - Evening Light
Michelle Fernandes - Evening Light
Michelle Fernandes
Missy Maher - Monument Valley in Antelope Canyon
Missy Maher - Monument Valley in Antelope Canyon
Missy Maher
Amanda Kunowski - Little Venice
Amanda Kunowski - Little Venice
Amanda Kunowski
Vikas Manocha - Serenity, mountains, student work
Vikas Manocha - Serenity, mountains, student work
Vikas Manocha
Pauline Monje - Chasing The Sun
Pauline Monje - Chasing The Sun
Pauline Monje
Student Work, Dane Clark, Southern California, Stormy Skies
Dane Clark - It never rains in Southern California
Dane Clark
Terri Jankelow - Smooth Sunrise
Terri Jankelow - Smooth Sunrise
Terri Jankelow
Alexandra Gailer - Blue Peyto

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