Queen West Photo Tour

The Queen Street West Photo Tour + will bring your photos to a new level of creativity and accuracy. Held in a trendy downtown space, the first portion of the tour will teach you the key principles of using your camera in manual mode, followed by a walking tour of Toronto’s hip Queen St. West.

“I learned more than I expected…I’m an international visitor and am learning English, but the instructor explained everything very patiently.”

Queen West Photo Tour Toronto

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Hands On Photography Learning On Our Shooting Field Trips
5 Star Reviews Photography School Toronto


All of our classes incorporate a hands-on approach to learning. To really make it ‘click’, we get our students shooting outdoors and putting the principles they learned into practice.

5 Star Reviews

We consistently get 5 star reviews and our students often say it is the best photography class they have ever been to.

Photography School Location
Photography Instructors Toronto


We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto, right in the heart of the eclectic Queen West. Makes for great field trips and shooting opportunities.

Quality Instructors

Our instructors are not only professional photographers, but they are also excellent teachers! They know how to simplify technical concepts and teach through exploration and creativity.